Coding Course for Homeschool Students

We teach online coding classes to homeschool students from grades 6 to 12. Our course teaches students how to create their own video games using the Unity editor. As they develop their games, they’ll learn to clearly, and efficiently code in C#, a powerful programming language used by professionals.

Our course features:

Enhancing the way students learn programming

Our unique-project based approach allows for a more engaging experience for teens because they get to directly apply their new skills to enhance their game project.

Comprehensive Lessons

Our lessons teach you everything you need to know to successfully build your own Unity video game. Whether you're just getting started or have previous experience, our lessons were designed to meet the needs of all skill levels.

Hands-On Approach

Students are in control of their learning from day one. They begin by outlining their desired video game, then they learn the programming concepts needed to make their vision come to life. Students can complete the course based on their own learning pace, schedules, and project complexity.

Program like the pros

We teach the same programming languages and tools used to create some of the most popular video games played today. Students can master tech skills sought by colleges and companies.

Learn at your own pace

We include quizzes and checklists with in our courses so you can make sure you're on track and have a grasp of each topic. Our courses are designed so students can take as long as they need to master each topic.

Easy-to-follow instructions

Our curriculum developers combine masters degrees in Education and Computer Science. They have used their in-class experience teaching hundreds of students the fundamentals of website, game, and mobile development to develop courses that are helpful and easy to follow.

Build your portfolio

At the end of each course, students will have completed projects that they can submit to colleges, or add to their professional portfolio.

We're here to help.

We want our students to feel supported throughout their learning journey. We’ve provided our students with various ways to get help in cases they get stuck or need extra attention. 

Virtual Sessions

Weekly Meetings

During each weekly online session, students get the opportunity to participate in discussions, ask questions, and get ideas for their projects.

Personalized Support

1:1 Office Hours and Messsaging

Stuck on a lesson? No problem! If needed, students can request private support from their instructors through Q/A forums or one-on-one video conferences.

Progress Tracking

Course Reports & Milestone Checks

Students can track, plan, and review their course progress . They’ll also receive friendly nudges if they are falling behind or excelling in the course.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors and curriculum developers combine masters degrees in Education and Computer Science with in-class experience teaching hundreds of students. They are passion about teaching and are on a mission to revolutionize the way students learn computer science by:

Get course access today!

Our flexible monthly membership gives students the tools they need to master programming skills from the comfort of their home! Our plans offer several options including access to video-lessons, weekly virtual meetings and various support features.