Game Development with Unity

A complete guide to C# and the Unity for all skill-levels.

Course Description

Welcome to the NerdLevels course on game development with Unity! This course includes 5 different projects, teaching you everything from how to download Unity to coding an advanced 3D game. Unlike other Unity tutorials that end with every student creating the exact same generic game, our hands-on course teaches you how to build your own, unique video game. This course also includes over 50 different checkpoints to make sure your game is polished and ready to be deployed on a variety of different platforms. By completing this course, you will have mastered game development techniques that will set you apart in your professional or academic career.


In this course you will learn how to build up to 5 different types of video games and:

  • Master C# concepts such as variables and if statements
  • Get tips on troubleshooting and working with Unity
  • Navigate the Unity Engine and discover unique features such as the Asset Store
  • Learn how to design and create your own art and graphics
  • Learn how to deploy your games on over 25 mobile, web, and console platforms

Course Content

Wether you’re just starting out or consider yourself an expert, you will learn all the skills needed to build games with Unity. 



  • 74 Videos
  • No Experience Required
Students begin the course with the platformers project where they will get familiar with the Unity platform and the C# programming language. Students will design and build a complete platformer game, in which a player moves their character through a series of levels by avoiding obstacles and jumping across platforms.

Intermediate (3)


  • 37 Videos
  • Prerequisite: Platformer

Students will have many opportunities to expand on what they learned in their previous project while learning more about conditionals, operators, loops, and arrays. This project asks students to design and build a puzzle game which requires players to maneuver shapes or symbols into a definite pattern.

Dungeon Crawler

  • 30 Videos
  • Prerequisite: Platformer

In this project, students will design and build their own roguelike game. The premise of this game is that the players need to get to the exit from each stage with enemies and obstacles blocking the way. Students deep-dive into scripting and learn new topics such as inheritance, abstract classes and functions, and generic types.


  • 38 Videos
  • Prerequisite: Platformer

The artillery project is built to teach students how to make a 2.5-dimensional game. This project is designed to introduce students to building 3-D environments with Unity’s terrain system and working with the corresponding 3-D colliders and animations. We will also cover how to launch projectiles based on user input.


Role Playing Game (RPG)

  • 37 Videos
  • Prerequisite: All Intermediate projects

The Role-Playing Game is a deep dive in building characters, enemies, skill functions and user interface panels. You will learn how to launch individual levels from a global game map and to move from each level to a battle scene and back. We will also go over kinematic, turn-based combat using unique skills for different characters. 

A perfect opportunity for

Future Pro Game Developers

Show off to future employers with an impressive portfolio of games you've built.

Video Game Lovers

Love playing video games? Turn that passion into a learning opportunity!

School Students

Gain skills to excel in Computer Science classes and add to college applications!

Why learn Unity

Students begin the course with the platformers project where they will get familiar with the Unity platform and the C# programming language. Students will design and build a complete platformer game, in which a player moves their character through a series of levels by avoiding obstacles and jumping across platforms. 

A complete learning system

Our course teaches students how to create their own video games using the Unity editor. As they develop their games, they’ll learn to clearly, and efficiently code in C#, a powerful programming language used by professionals.

Our course features:

  • Four different project levels (and growing!) that teach you everything you need to know
  • Easy-to-follow instructions created by experienced teachers
  • The same coding languages used by professionals
  • A project-based approach where you "learn-by-doing"
  • Various support options based on your membership level

We're here to help.

We want our students to feel supported throughout their learning journey. We’ve provided our students with various ways to get help in cases they get stuck or need extra attention. 

Virtual Sessions

Weekly Meetings

During each weekly online session, students get the opportunity to participate in discussions, ask questions, and get ideas for their projects.

Instructor Support

1:1 Office Hours and Messsaging

Stuck on a lesson? No problem! If needed, students can request private support from their instructors through Q/A forums or one-on-one video conferences.

Progress Tracking

Course Reports & Milestone Checks

Students can track, plan, and review their course progress . They’ll also receive friendly nudges if they are falling behind or excelling in the course.

Our Mission

Our instructors and curriculum developers combine masters degrees in Education and Computer Science with in-class experience teaching hundreds of students. They are passionate about teaching and are on a mission to revolutionize the way students learn computer science by:

  • Providing students with opportunities to apply the skills developed in class to real-world settings.
  • Introducing personalized methods to help each student retain key concepts and skills.
  • Encouraging students to discover what interests them.

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