Teacher Training Overview

Teaching with NerdLevels will feel different than running any sort of a lecture-based class. You don’t have to worry about how to structure lessons to keep all students engaged as each student should be working at their own pace to build a project they are already excited about. The only class time that requires you to keep the entire class’s attention will be at the very beginning or end of a class period when you should be providing the class with Do Now questions (which are provided to you) and running quick class discussions on the topics. Students will be focused on how to program cool features more than on the concepts we explain so it is necessary to supplement their understanding with these classroom discussions. We recommend giving a weekly quiz as well to help students focus on the importance of being able to explain what all the code they are writing means and when they should be using various coding concepts.


For the majority of your class your main role will be supporting your students and helping them debug. This will be easier if you make sure to run through each of our projects prior to having students attempt them. It also takes some time to get used to helping students debug their projects if you don’t currently do so. No matter how comfortable you get with Unity you will still end up getting some questions that you don’t have an immediate answer to. In these cases we recommend letting students know that they should not be frustrated and that they just happened to come up with an excellent question for you and then taking some time to look at their work after class. If there are any problems that you can’t solve you can reach out to us for help, we will do our best to help you resolve any student errors as fast as possible if you get stumped. We add any common questions or bugs to our course pages so please let us know if there are any that we are missing.


Goals for teacher trainings

  1. Help teachers learn Unity and programming with C#
  2. Help teachers feel confident that they can find and solve errors students will encounter in Unity
  3. Show teachers the benefits of working with NerdLevels and how to support students who are using NerdLevels, including using our unit plans, pacing guides and checks for understanding