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NerdLevels Curriculum

This interactive course guides your students as they learn to develop their own video-games using an industry-level program, Unity. Our robust curriculum offers everything you need to teach computer science including step-by-step instructional videos, unit plans and course materials, evaluation guides, administrating tools, and professional development.


Why teachers choose us.

Engaging Curriculum

Our courses were developed by experienced teachers and industry professionals to offer students a truly individualized, project-based approach. Each lesson covers programming skills and concepts used by professionals. Students learn by applying these concepts to their own projects.

Classroom Insights

Monitoring a student's progress is easy with pacing guides, checks for understanding, and student confidence levels built-in right into the course materials. Our grading strategies were designed to meet the needs of each individual student by adapting and supporting their pace of learning.

Unwavering Support

We're with you every step of the way. To get started, teachers complete a comprehensive training to help them gain familiarity with the course. Our ongoing support features include user guides, a responsive help-desk, one-on-one virtual sessions, and a collaborative teacher community forum.

User-Friendly Platform

A user-friendly platform allows teachers to effortlessly schedule lessons, manage their rosters, track progress and activities, pace lessons, grade assignments and more.

An easy-to-use curriculum platform.

Classroom Reports

Our classroom reports display each student’s progress, completion times, and confidence levels for each lesson. Teachers can optimize their class time by easily identifying students who are falling behind or lessons that students get stuck on.

Roster Management

Teachers get full control over their NerdLevels licensed accounts with the ability to bulk import students, create new student accounts, remove students, and manage passwords.

Course Resources

Easily check for students' understanding and ability to apply their knowledge of the curriculum with Checks for Understanding after each lesson, pacing guides, and grading strategies.

Lesson Scheduling

We've developed a course pacing guide and schedule to help you plan for the entire school year. Teachers have the ability to reschedule lessons, quizzes, or assignments to align with their school calendar.

Project Review

Easily review students' code. After a student submits their projects, you’ll get a notification to review and submit feedback.

Engagement Tools

Students can earn badges by completing various tasks. Teachers have the ability to email students directly from the platform.

No experience required.

Unfamiliar with Unity, C# programming, or CS in general? Unsure how to teach in a video-based model? Our professional development program and robust support system are designed to help you quickly gain the confidence and expertise needed to lead a classroom.

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