Creating a college portfolio

If you haven’t been keeping up with college news, you might be under the impression that your student’s admissions decision will depend heavily on their test scores and grades. However, that notion is quickly becoming outdated with more and more colleges giving students the option to add supplementary portfolios to their application.


In 2013, MIT introduced the Maker Portfolio as way for to showcase any projects like artwork, writings, or computer apps/games that they have built outside of school requirements. The Maker Portfolio was designed to help colleges get a better idea of a student’s interest and passions that cannot be seen in traditional applications. Since 2013, the list of colleges encouraging students to submit portfolios has continued to grow. Colleges like Carnegie Mellon, Tufts University, and 130 members in The Coalition for College have begun using portfolios as part of their admissions decisions.


What does this mean for you?


While students are not penalized for not having portfolios, having one helps students gain a competitive advantage. With college admissions becoming increasingly competitive, students should take any opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Portfolios can be beneficial for students in more than just their college applications. They also serve as an exceptional showcase of a student’s abilities and achievements when applying for scholarships or internships.


This article was intended to share a new tool your child can use to succeed. No need to worry if your child does not have any projects to include in their portfolio just yet. At NerdLevels we help students design and build their own projects that they can proudly display in their portfolios.