College & Beyond – Benefits of Studying Computer Science

There is no doubt that computer technology has driven innovations that have touched almost every part of our lives today. People with computer skills have become an increasingly necessary across every industry which means computer science careers are booming. Many students have realized this trend decided to pursue degrees computer science. For those of you who need further convincing, consider the following reasons why studying computer science can ensure your child’s success in college and beyond:


Success right after graduation

There are currently more tech jobs available than people who are qualified to fill them. A recent report by the App Association states that there are currently 500,000 unfilled computing jobs in the U.S. This shortage means companies are eager to hire and offer lucrative salaries to individuals who have computing skills. According to data collected by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), computer science majors had the highest rate of employment within six months of graduating college as well as the highest starting salaries.


Job Satisfaction

Many will find good use of their CS degree right out of college, but the benefits don’t stop there. Once graduates gain experience, they can expect career salaries that are more than twice the national average. Beyond financial compensation, a career in programming usually offers the flexibility to work from anywhere which means employees are not tied down to an office or a specific work schedule.


A foundation for any career

When most people think of where programmers work, they imagine traditional tech companies seen throughout Silicon Valley. However, the prevalence of technology in today’s business environment means that programming skills are in high demand in virtually any industry. Whether students dream of working in industries like healthcare, law, education, business, or the arts, combining their computing education with other areas of study can give them gain a successful start to any career.


Job security in the future

When choosing an area of study, you want to be sure that your future is secure. While others may have to worry about their jobs being replaced by technology, those in computer science-related careers can rest relatively easy. As the world continues to become more technologically advanced, computer science majors have become increasingly valuable and sought after. To illustrate, tech jobs are projected to grow by 13% from 2016 to 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Students who choose to pursue degrees in computer science have the option to specialize in expanding fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Analytics, Robotics, Cloud Computing and much more.


Meaningful Career

If students are looking for more sustenance in their careers, they will be pleasantly surprised to hear that studying computing can lead to a career that makes a positive difference in the world. Computing drives innovation in many fields that contribute to life saving medical advancements, human genetics, environmental protection, space exploration, and other humanitarian causes. There is no denying that the reach of computer science is extensive and the possibilities of finding ways to benefit humanity are endless.



These are just some of the reasons why pursuing an education in computer science will help your child’s future. But with college admissions becoming increasingly competitive, how can you ensure that your child is well-equipped to begin their education journey?


Enrolling your child in programming courses as an extracurricular activity shows college admissions committees that they are passionate and serious about their future. Having coding skills gives students a competitive advantage not only in their college application, it also makes them look more attractive when applying for certain scholarships and internships.