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Our teaching Approach

Unlike most online courses that teach every student how to build the same generic game, our project-based approach ensures our students are in control of their learning from day one. At the end of each project, students will have a unique game that they can upload on over 25 platforms!

Comprehensive Lessons​

Our lessons teach you everything you need to know to build your own game with Unity. Whether you’re just getting started or have experience, our lessons were designed for all skill-levels.

Easy-to-follow instruction

Our course creators used their masters degrees in education and experiences teaching hundreds of school students to develop lessons that are actually helpful and easy for students to follow.​

Learn at your own pace

Students can complete the course based on their own learning pace, schedules, and project complexity. Our milestone checklists also keep you on track!

Hands-On Approach

Our highly-interactive courses begin with students outlining their desired video game then they learn the programming concepts needed to make their vision come to life.

Program like the pros​

We teach the same programming languages and tools used by industry professionals. Students can master tech skills sought by colleges and companies.​

Build your portfolio​

At the end of each course, students will have completed projects that they can submit to colleges, or add to their professional portfolio.

Designed with your success in mind.

Help is only a few clicks away with features including online office hours, email support, and access to an extensive knowledge base.


Q/A Forums

Share ideas and get help on our discussion forum


Email Support

Email your instructor any time for technical help.


Online Office Hours

Get immediate chat responses from your instructor.


Progress Tracking

Track course progress with project completion reports.



Earn badges and extras by completing milestones.


Friendly Nudges

Get friendly reminders and motivating messages.

our mission

Our instructors and curriculum developers combine masters degrees in Education and Computer Science with in-class experience teaching hundreds of students. They are passionate about teaching and are on a mission to revolutionize the way students learn computer science by:

  • Providing students with opportunities to apply the skills developed in class to real-world settings.
  • Introducing personalized methods to help each student retain key concepts and skills.
  • Encouraging students to discover what interests them.

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  • Our self-paced courses are for motivated students looking to accelerate their game creation and save money.


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  • Students in our live course work on their projects at their own pace and meet once a week in a virtual classroom.    

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