Project 4: Artillery

The Artillery project is built to teach you how to make a 2.5 dimensional game. 2.5 dimensional games work with three dimensional assets but from a two dimensional perspective so you will not have to manage keeping your camera on the action. This project is designed to introduce you to building three dimensional environments with Unity’s terrain system and working with the corresponding three dimensional colliders and animations. You will also cover how to launch projectiles based on user input.

You will learn how to:

  • Complete a 10-page design document for your video games
  • Build three-dimensional environments using Unity’s terrain features with textures, trees, water and skyboxes
  • Work with three-dimensional animations and the humanoid rig
  • Launch projectiles using mouse position to determine launch angle and launch velocity
  • Create explosions on contact with projectiles
  • Spawn enemies on a timer
  • Move enemies in a three-dimensional project
  • Create directional, point and spotlights
  • Add animations to your user interface

Project Content

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Project Includes

  • 14 Lessons
  • 38 Topics
  • 13 Checklists